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S/E for Keratosis tonsil

Tonsillar keratosis, which usually affects young adults are multiple white projections from cryptal orifices of the tonsil, lymph follicles, the posterior and the lateral pharyngeal walls, posterior part of the tongue and glossoepiglottic fold. It can progress over duration of 2 to 3 years. 

A tonsillectomy to surgically remove your tonsils, may recommend, but best decided by the doctor post evaluation of the severity.

Fish bone / Foreign body removal throat
throat pain symptoms

Generally, while a fish would have accidently swallowed the bone may have, during its passage, scratched the lining of the throat and left a small abrasion. However, in some patients, the bone impales itself into the tonsil, tongue base or lower part of the throat (or hypopharynx). These bones require retrieval.

VLS - Video Laryngoscopy

Video laryngoscopes (VLs) and are rigid devices that allow visualization of the vocal cords and related airway structures without a direct line of sight.

For conducting a successful tracheal intubation during general anaesthesia, the procedure requires a line of sight to the larynx this is generally attained by positioning the head and neck and using a laryngoscope to retract the tongue and soft tissues of the floor of the mouth.

Difficulties with intubation commonly arise, and alternative laryngoscopes that use digital and/or fibreoptic technology are used to improve visibility when airway difficulty is predicted or encountered. A rigid videolaryngoscope (VLS) uses a blade to retract the soft tissues and transmits a lighted video image to a screen. This enables the surgeon to conduct the procedure.

Buccal Cyst excision

Buccal bifurcation cyst (BBC) is usuallyrare and typically occurs at the buccal region of the first or second mandibular molars of children. They are inflammatory odontogenic cyst, of an extraoral soft tissue and patients complain of painful swelling.

The current management involves removal of the cyst with preservation of the involved tooth, unlike earlier method of removal of the tooth.  However, with meticulous oral hygiene measures symptomatic need be employed unless the cyst is infected and symptomatic.

Ranula & Marsupialization

Ranula is a cyst that forms of the floor of your mouth under the tongue. It occurs due to damage / block to salivary glands (glands which secrete saliva). Treatment of ranula is surgical called Marsupialization. An incision is made over the ranula and the edges of the ranula are sutured to the floor of mouth so that the lining of cyst is continue with floor of the mouth.